About US



We are SHE and HE - Man and Woman - Husband and Wife. We are Shagre, and Shagre is a part of us and our shared life.



 It all began in November 2016 when we launched our online store. And as you've probably heard many times, but Shagre's story is no less sweet than the usual.









Yes, it all started as a joke with a pile of 30 knitted scarves. Our decision was merely to sell them to people who would wear them—no unnecessary commitments or future knitting.


 As we got into it, captivated by the idea of doing things more professionally, we already had a domain, a website, photos, and several models. We launched on November 14, 2016—shared the website with friends, who shared it with their friends, and so on. Suddenly, all the knitted scarves vanished, and people wanted more - another scarf, two more scarves, from the gray one, from the red one...








 ...and as you can imagine, we continued to knit, to buy new colors, to test different yarns. We started offering ready-made factory models of scarves, hats, and bags. Life turned, and we relentlessly continue to develop Shagre with even more love and dedication.


Thank you, to you, to him, to her, to all of you who support us and appreciate our work. We thank you not with one but with two hearts - those of the Husband and the Wife!






In this text, we must express our most sincere thanks to Asen Petrov - a designer we had heard of but didn't know personally, at least until that day. This is our favorite story of humanity hidden within us. Here's what we're talking about:








"Hello, we have a common friend, and after seeing him with your unique creations, I followed your page on Facebook. It happened that a few items from a client were left, on which I worked, and I decided to adapt one of them for you. To prevent it from going to dusty archive folders, I decided to show it to you, and if you like it, I'll give it to you completely free of charge. The logo seems as if it was made for you. But not to keep you any longer, here's what I'm talking about."


...2 days later, we became proud owners of this beautiful logo. A logo that we use with love and immense gratitude. Thanks to Asen, who turned out to be not only a professional but also a very good person. And to get a better idea of what a talent he is, see some of his wonderful creations: http://www.asenpetrov.com/index.php





Every year, we support various causes and individuals in need of financial assistance. Since 2019, with every scarf purchase, you help us gather funds that we donate to the charity campaign "Caps for the Future."